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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Landlords

30 November 2016

carpet cleaning
Lots of tenants will rent on a short term basis these days, therefore they tend to want a home that is already furnished and carpeted. As much as this helps a tenant and takes away the stress of having to furnish a home they only want to rent temporarily it also causes a bit of a headache having to ensure all is kept pristine and up to landlord standards, especially at the end of the tenancy.

In some cases the landlord is left with the headache when a tenant has not adhered to the tenancy agreement and has failed to keep clean carpets and upholstery. This means that the landlord will need them cleaned as soon as possible before the property can be rented out to the next tenant.
Landlords using pro cleaners!

Landlords will most likely hire professional cleaners to quickly spruce up the place because professional carpet and upholstery cleaners can offer excellent results in very little time and because they tend to use low-moisture methods of cleaning the drying out time is dramatically reduced and this is considerably important for landlords who want to rent the property back out as soon as they can. You cannot rent a property that is damp and wet!

cleaning tips
It’s also important to point out that steam cleaning methods used by professional are also the ideal way of eliminating and lingering bacteria or nasty smells, so the property is fresher and cleaner.

Top tips for landlords!

Landlords can do other things to save or prolong the life of their carpet and upholstery within rented accommodation and in turn could save them a fortune so it’s well worth considering.

Useful rugs!

Rugs are not just great for adding some personality and colour to a room they are also great for trapping dirt and saving the life of a carpet underneath. It would be much cheaper to replace a rug than it would to replace the carpet.

rug cleaning
Placing rugs by doors will help to attract the dirt from shoes as people enter the property and it saves it being dragged around.

High traffic areas such as hall ways and landings are also a great place to put a rug and if a lounge is particularly big a nice big rug placed in the centre of the room will add interest and warmth as well as save the carpet underneath.

Useful covers!

If at all possible it’s advised that landlords use easy to clean furnishings such as leather sofas or use covers to protect the fabric.

Advise your tenants to tackle accidental spills as and when they happen, never leave a stain to soak in as it makes it harder to shift. Simple steps such as these will help to reduce the risk of staining long-term.

cleaning services
•    Soak up the spill straight away, blot with paper towel
•    Use a soapy detergent such as carpet cleaning foam or washing powder (if nothing else is available) and apply it to the spillage!
•    Use a gentle abrasive tool to scrub the area (nothing too harsh though!) a simple scouring sponge should be ok.
•    Rub the area in circular motions but try to maintain within the affected area and do not spread too far.
•    Rinse the area completely will warm water
•    Dry as much as you can before allowing it to air dry
•    Allow the area to fully dry before anyone steps on it because most stains tend to reappear due to the fact that the area is not allowed sufficient drying time and new dirt is trapped into the damp moist fabric.

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