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Why Hiring Upholstery Cleaning Service is Necessary for a Clean Sofa

30 November 2016

upholstery cleaning
When we first buy a sofa, it looks so beautiful.
Be it leather or fabric, there often comes a point when the sofa completely loses its shine and looks dull and filled with grime. Leather sofas can be given a good clean done with a damp cloth, however when it comes down to fabric sofas, it isn’t always that easy. This is where upholstery cleaning comes into play. All reputable cleaning companies offer this service, however we are often not aware of the benefits of it. We have taken the liberty of sharing why this type of cleaning service is so important for a beautiful house:

sofa cleaning
Firstly, a lot of our sofas and other fabrics are stuff we actually like (hence we bought them). Over time, as they lose their shine, we simply think of replacing them, selling them at a lower price or throwing them away. You’re saved the hassle of this with a cleaning agency, because they are able to revive even the dirtiest, most grime filled furniture including ottomans, sofas and anything else you may own, reminding you of why you even liked them in the first place!

furniture cleaners
Secondly, ensure that the cleaning contractors you hire are qualified and certified. There is probably nothing worse than hiring amateurs who do not even know what they are doing and then leave your sofa looking the same way, or worse leave marks on it and ruin it! Also, when you are verifying that all the team are qualified, you want to look for reviews and testimonials that ensure that the company says who they are. Find out people who have used them before and then make your own decisions from there.

cleaning costs
Thirdly, always make sure you know the cleaning agency’s standard rates. The reason for this is because they often offer discounts when it comes down to other services they provide, such as window cleaning. It is normal to mistake the rates that they quote you, as their standard rates, so it is always wise to ask their normal rates as well as the specific cleaner(s) that come to your place, as you may really love their work and want them back!

upholstery cleaners
Fourthly, Find out which areas they cover. It is always wise to find a company that serves you professionally and locally. A lot of companies will actually charge to come out, hence it is wise to find one that covers your area. A lot of companies do offer complimentary services to those in their postcode, so it is worth finding out!

cleaning services
Fifth, ask which type of cleaning service they use for upholstery. It doesn’t always have to be steam cleaning, it can be dry cleaning for sofas—however it is always best to know what service they will be using for your sofa, so you are prepared. Ask for before and after pictures, to show you the results you should be expecting as well as perhaps videos, they may have of the cleaning in progress.

sofa cleaners
Sixth, find out how long the cleaners will take in your house and if their rates are flat rate, per sofa or per hour. Also ensure that they are VAT inclusive, so that you are able to pay at one go and have it over and done with, instead of having VAT added to the bill at the end of the day!

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