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Top Tips for a Sparkly Clean Kitchen Sink

30 November 2016

kitchen sink cleaning
Kitchen cleaning (and home cleaning in general) are not always the most entertaining things to do – but when your health (and the health of your family) is at stake, you should definitely make sure you go through your entire house cleaning as thoroughly and as regularly as possible.

One of the areas in the kitchen where a lot of people feel that more could be done when it comes to the domestic cleaning is the kitchen sink. How can you get a sparkly clean kitchen sink? We have gathered some really helpful tips right from the professional cleaning contractors so make sure to read on, find out more and use these bits of advice for your next sink cleaning as well!

house cleaners
1)    Use the right products. Everyone’s different and every cleaner out there is different too. So, if you want your kitchen sink to look perfect, be prepared to try out multiple cleaning products – from professional cleaners to homemade cleaners as well. Test out, see how they work for your particular sink (and for how you want it to look) and stick to the one you find the best. Some people find that liquid dish detergent is best for them and other people think powdered dish detergent (scrubbing detergent) is better – in the end, this is your pick.

kitchen cleaning
2)    As mentioned before, there are a lot of cleaning products out there and you should test them out. When doing this, don’t rule out natural homemade products either. Sometimes, they work wonderfully, they are much cheaper than supermarket cleaners and they come in handy at all times (since most of their ingredients are things you can find in anyone’s home such as white wine vinegar and baking soda for example).

regular sink cleaning
3)    Be regular about your sink cleaning – both when it comes to the kitchen and when it comes to the bathroom as well. In general, you should scrub everything thoroughly after about 30 uses (but if you feel that you need to do it more often than that, go ahead and do it).

enamel sink
4)    Keep in mind that sinks are made from various materials (some are made out of enamel, others are made from stainless steel for example). The cleaning products you use (and this includes the actual cleaning product and the “tool” you use as well) should be suitable for them.

stainless steel cleaning
5)    For example, you should never use abrasive “tools” on stainless steel sinks because they can get very easily scratched and they can lose their shine. Even more than that, stainless steel needs special cleaning products as well (if you want to keep it in good condition, of course). White wine vinegar works well with stainless steel, but if you want to, there are a lot of supermarket products that work great and are not expensive either.

green cleaners
6)    Baking soda works excellently only with non-porous materials and it can really make your sink shine if it’s made from such a material. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use baking soda for daily cleaning – only when you want to scrub off everything and make your kitchen shiny and clean.

drain unblocking
7)    Clogs can lead to a huge mess for your kitchen sink so make sure you regularly de-clog it. If you don’t want to use supermarket products created for this purpose, use a mixture made out of 1 cup baking soda+ 1 cup salt+ ¼ cup cream tartar. Pour half a cup of the entire mixture in the drain, pour 1 quart of boiling water on top. Repeat every few weeks. You can store the remaining mixture in an airtight container but make sure it’s far from your children's hands.

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