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Window Cleaners Step Aside – A New Leader is Emerging!

roller blinds cleanersIf you are getting sick of having your bedroom view spoiled by historic streaks of splashed paint, or your company’s view is obscured by dust from years gone by, call our cleaning company for window cleaning services that will completely polish and clean your glass windows. Lola Cleaners are available on 020 3743 9100 and can deal with internal and external window cleaning, operating all over the area and giving customers very reasonably priced cleaning services at a time that they need it the most. We are the most intense and hardworking window cleaners on the rolls at the moment and due to the quality of our cleaners, we’re set to stay in that position for quite a long time!

Window cleaning is something that is hard to do if you are afraid of heights, or if you are reliant on local cleaners who come round every few weeks or every few months. It’s very easy however to get our cleaning specialists to do the window clean for you – a call to us on 020 3743 9100 is all it takes and we’ll be with you as fast as Wallace & Gromit could ever have managed! Our window cleaners regularly go from house to house and office to office to ply their trade and we can very quickly mount our ladders with soapy water and an extendable set of brushes and really give those windows a wash and a very decent scrub.

We don’t just climb up and use a matted rag to wash off the bird mess and the wet leaves however – our cleaners can use glass cleaning solvents and refined cloths that attack marks, paint splashes and other long term stains leaving your glass clear, see through and entirely smooth so that next time you look out at your garden, you’ll see the bigger picture! Our workers are very quick and we’ll be with you for a matter of minutes where needs be, and we’ll always try and agree a time and date so you don’t turn around whilst getting dressed to see a cleaner staring through at you!

local cleaning companiesIf you contact us on 020 3743 9100 and let us know how often you would like us to come and the best time of day to make our visit, we’ll work around you to give you the cleaning service you require. Our window cleaners are very reliable and punctual, and we rarely if ever turn up late or too early, which means that if we say we’re coming at 4pm, we’ll be there at 4pm. Customers using our window cleaning service are always surprised at what a difference it makes and with no minimum term contract we can come to do your cleaning window as often as you want – if your company needs clean windows for a particular client’s visit, we can come on an emergency basis, and if you are a home owner wanting a monthly cleaner then that is what we will provide to you.

Lola Cleaners should always be the first cleaning agency you contact when you need window cleaners. Our company offers a very intense window cleaning service that is excellent value for money and available at pretty much any time at all during the week and weekends. If you would like a free quote then call us today on 020 3743 9100 and let us know what you need us to do. We work with windows of all sizes and shapes and all the cleaning products, ladders and workers needed are included in the price.