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cream for leatherWith the help of Lola Cleaners you could protect all your furniture, carpets, curtains, ornaments, floors and even tents with scotchgard protector. Call 020 3743 9100 for scotchgard protector services that are thorough and efficient and above all else, reliable and great value for money.

Our cleaning company is ideal for customers who want to protect their personal property with a good quality cleaning product but don’t know how to go about getting it or applying it. Our cleaning services are all inclusive and provision of materials, labour and some free advice are all part of the one off fee you pay to us. If you call our cleaning company on 020 3743 9100 we can give you a quote free of charge and we can give you an idea of the many items we are able to help you protect.

Scotchgard protector is infinitely useful when it comes to home cleaning. We can apply it to a number of items to give them a shield from dirt, dust and spillages and that’s why many people use it when they have bought new furniture, or if they are planning to rent out their property and want to add some protection to what they have. There is nothing we cannot use scotchgard protector for, bar people themselves!

Our cleaning products and methods are perfect for upholstery including carpets, curtains, rugs, bathroom mats and stair runners. The protective qualities of the product enables you to have confidence that regular footfall, dust and minor spillages won’t hurt it. It is also an ideal method of protecting your upholstery if you have builders coming to complete works which may involve some dust and debris accumulating in your home.

One area to which scotchgard protector should usually be applied is a new floor area. Floors come in many forms and that includes vinyl, stone, marble, hard wood and even rubber. Our scotchgard protector cleaners can apply the product to all of these to give the surface the protection it needs, and to help prevent spillages and stains from affecting it in the long run. The net effect of repeated protection is that cleaning should be much easier, and there is less need for deep cleaning, or for stains to become an unwanted feature of your floor area. Floors are much better preserved and presented with this product in place.

You can also use scotchgard protector for items such as tents, which tend to be particularly susceptible to mud after being taken to a festival or other, and dog beds which again are very difficult to clean thoroughly. You can even have your handbags, suitcases and cars cleaned and protected with this type of protection and our cleaning company can provide the lot! Call 020 3743 9100 if you would like to ask about a particular item we may be able to clean and protect with scotchgard protector.

scotchgard spot cleanLola Cleaners’s scotchgard protection cleaners are available on any day of the week which enables us to come to you whenever you need our help. We can bring all the materials and products we need to complete your cleaning instructions and there is no need to lift a finger, except to dial 020 3743 9100 and call us for a free quote and to book a time that is convenient to you. We are the most thorough and hardworking cleaning company in the whole of the region and whether we are applying scotchgard protector or anything else, we are always on time, smartly dressed and very professional and honest in our approach to cleaning.