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fabrics and leather careIf you’ve tried every shoe polish there is, every possible cleaning wipe and solvent, and taken the hoover to your leather sofa a million times to no avail, it may be tempting to simply give it up as a bad job. However leather cleaning is one of many cleaning services offered by Lola Cleaners and we can bring to you a team of leather cleaners and a host of very refined and proven leather clean techniques. Call us on 020 3743 9100 to give details of the items we are needed to clean and we will happily give you a free quote and some tips.

Our company is able to offer clean leather in a number of forms. Whether it’s automotive leather you need cleaning, a set of office chairs that have been left to gather dust and dirt in a warehouse, a three piece suite or any other furniture item, our leather cleaning experts can provide you with a leather furniture cleaning service you won’t get from any other cleaning company. Call us on 020 3743 9100 to ask about the many items we can clean to a high standard and to ask about our techniques, which we’ll tell you a bit about now.

We appreciate that some leather seats and furniture items have a lacquer finish and deep cleaning inevitably will involve removing that finishing product. This is no cause for concern as we have all the products needed to restore the finishing to any settee or car seat. Our most simple cleaning technique is to vacuum a leather sofa with a soft brush to loosen any dirt or stains and have it swept up there and then. However we can also use more intensive cleaning methods to help eradicate deep set stains and release your leather settees and seats from anything that has damaged them, like spilled wine or spilled coffee.

Our cleaners are able to use lifting foams which draw out the most deep set of stains and enable them to be swept away with normal mild detergent. We use only cloths and wipes that do not leave a trail of dust as is the case with tissue paper and our microfibre cloths are perfect for the job of removing specks of dirt that tends to stick well to leather. Once we’ve scrubbed out the stains, our drying machine can be used to prevent the dampness from penetrating the item we are cleaning and if needs be, a little steam cleaning can be used though we are wary of overdoing this and causing damage to upholstery.

The leather finishing we are able to provide starts with polishing and ends with a lacquer protector. We successfully finish and restore your leather items to a brand new standard and by the time we are done, it will be like having a refurbished car, or a new three piece suite. Our leather cleaners are able to deal with any item expertly and if you want a free quote for our very good value leather cleaning services then call us today on 020 3743 9100.

settee cleanersLola Cleaners offers superb leather cleaning services to customers of all forms and we bring all the materials and solvents with us, so all you need to do is ring our cleaning company and ask us for our availability. We have almost unlimited availability in fact as we work outside normal office hours to enable our customers to call on our cleaning services in the evenings, during the weekends and even on public holidays in an emergency. Contact us on 020 3743 9100 to find out more!