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Specialist Oven Steam Cleaning at the double

cleaning oven glassThere are some aspects of house cleaning that really are a chore and never a pleasure and oven cleaning is a prime candidate. Lola Cleaners offers a specialised oven steam cleaning service to customers needing expert cleaning help and we are pleased to provide this to home owners and also to businesses. If you would like to book our specialist oven steam cleaners then call us today on 020 3743 9100 and we will send our best cleaners to you immediately!

Ovens are a prime source of not only bacteria, but also very stubborn and seemingly permanent dirt and grime. Cleaning them by hand is a very unpleasant experience and doing so will only get rid of the worst of the mess – blackened oven shelves always take an age to clean and they are particularly stubborn stains to scrub off with a scourer. The insides of ovens tend to become particularly laden with debris, grease and blackened mess and cleaning this out with oven cleaner is hard to do as ovens generally aren’t as accessible as we would all like them to be.

If you would rather have professional oven cleaners deal with things call us today on 020 3743 9100. Better still, our oven cleaning is a much more effective method of getting rid of the blackness and the grime, and with our machinery and techniques we can really get inside an oven, get underneath the stains and loosen them, and scour away all the remaining mess to make the interior as good as new by the time we are finished. Our cleaners use cleaning implements, cleaning products and machines that are well up to the job and recognised as the safest and yet most effective way of cleaning ovens and that’s exactly what you need if your cooker is worse for wear. We can also offer you a very intense and thorough clean to your hob, and to the oven hood and extractor fan which is a notoriously greasy item in most kitchens. Save all the horrible jobs for Lola Cleaners because we are very good at dealing with them!

It’s not only home owners who can benefit from our oven cleaning services. Kitchens everywhere need our help and that includes restaurants and commercial premises with cookers that are frequently in use. It’s all too common that restaurant owners fall foul of health and safety rules and if you want to make sure your kitchen is up to the mark, oven steam cleaners are the perfect fit for your business. Call us today on 020 3743 9100 and we will provide you with the oven steam cleaning you need in the time you want it doing – we recognise that on most days you’ll need your oven which is why we work flexible hours to enable you to instruct us when it suits you best.

cleaning microwaveOur cleaning company provides all materials and machinery as part of the service which will be a relief to you if you were concerned about having to go out and buy it all. We deliver high quality oven cleaning solutions to all our customers and if you contact our cleaning company on 020 3743 9100 we will be able to give you a free quote over the telephone for our oven steam cleaning service. We are one of the most affordable cleaning agencies in the region and we offer rates that can suit all budgets. The best thing about us is that there are no hidden fees and everything is included in the one quote. Call us today to find out more!