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Cleaner Curtains and Mattresses with our cleaning specialists:

cleaning blindsLaborious cleaning tasks such as upholstery cleaning don’t usually fit into your weekly house cleaning duties and for that reason, these jobs tend to get left alone. If you have a dusty set of curtains making you sneeze, or a mattress that feels less fresh, it is possible to restore them to the best possible condition rather than buy new ones and waste money. Our cleaning company offers a curtains and mattress cleaning service which is very specialised and intensive, and will help you gain a clean set of curtains and a much cleaner mattress within the space of a few hours.

Call 020 3743 9100 to speak to Lola Cleaners about our curtains and mattress cleaning in your area. We offer a round the clock mattress and curtains cleaning service that is very prompt and available outside work hours for those who need an out of hours mattress cleaning service. We can send you cleaners who are trained to the highest of standards and very professional in their approach, with strict standards applied to the finishing of our work and cleaners wearing uniforms.

Using the wrong cleaning agent on a pair of curtains and a mattress can sometimes make stains worse and that’s where we make a real difference. Our cleaning experts are able to use an upholstery cleaner that kills off dust mites, and enzyme cleaners which break down stains and lessen their attachment to the fabrics. These products are safe and do not harm those with sensitive skin. Our techniques don’t end there however.

Applying various solvents that attack particular types of stains, we can get anything out of your mattress that ought not be there. If it’s a food stain, blood or anything else we have a number of tricks up our sleeves which can deal with the stains and restore the freshness and cleanliness of your mattress. We can use almost any cleaning agent from simple household products like baking soda to more commercial cleaning detergents such as hydrogen peroxide. We have a citrus cleaner which is specially designed for mattresses and is effective in a great number of cases. Whatever your mattress is burdened with, we have the cleaning nouse and expertise to get rid of it and bring it back to a new and clean condition!

Curtains are particularly notorious for attracting cobwebs and dust and if you have young children, the chances are that at some stage your curtains will be touched by grubby fingers. There’s no need to fret though – our deep heat cleaning methods are more than a match for chocolate spread, jam and tomato sauce and we can freshen up all your upholstery to make it as good as new and free of any stains or dust. We have a number of success stories in dealing with soiled and dusty curtains and if you call us on [    PHONE NUMBER] you could be our next one!

bed cleaningLola Cleaners offers curtain cleaning and mattress cleaners to a range of customers including landlords renting out properties and tenants. We are more than happy to complete mattress cleaning and offer curtain cleaners for students and we can be called out at short notice if you need us to come at a particular time on a particular day. Our cleaners are amongst the cheapest in the region and if you would like a free, no-obligation quote for our cleaning please call our company today on 020 3743 9100.

Remember that we work weekends as well as evenings and our mattress and curtains cleaning services are the best available!