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corporate cleanersOffices are heavily used and a natural consequence of this is more dust, dirt and mess to clear up. Lola Cleaners provides just the level of reliable and intensive office cleaning businesses need when they are trying to keep a clean and tidy working environment and if you call us today on 020 3743 9100 we will be able to give you chapter and verse about the delights of our office cleaning work, or if you’d rather, a simple free quote for our cleaning services. We are able to provide office cleaning services to any and every company that needs us and we are available on any week day and on any weekend!

Businesses often underestimate the importance of commercial cleaning. One natural side effect of a cleaner work environment is a more productive work force as the place they are going to every day feels loved and cared for. It may sound strange, but statistics suggest that messy and dusty offices are less productive and your company needs to get the very best out of its staff in this competitive market!

Our office cleaners provide a very reliable and very thorough cleaning service to businesses and we are able to do it on any day of the week. We work flexible shifts to enable our clients to request our attendance at the time that suits them best, and that means that we can reach you early in the morning or late in the evening when your employees are at home – we won’t get in the way of you and we’ll be able to get everything intensively cleaned whilst there’s nobody to tiptoe around!

Office cleaning to many cleaning agencies means little more than emptying everyone’s waste paper baskets and washing the same mugs in a bowl of lukewarm water. Any mug can do that, but only professional cleaning companies like ours have office clean staff who can properly dust shelves, filing cabinets, monitors and desks, hoover all carpets no matter how cluttered a room may be, polish windows and polish commercial floors in reception areas, clean toilets and bathrooms to such a high standard they sparkle and smell fresh and clean kitchen areas and microwaves thoroughly on a daily basis.

This level of intense business cleaning services is on offer from our cleaning agency and your business cannot afford to miss out on it! We employ professional cleaners with a great deal of experience in the industry and we set high standards of professionalism which means our cleaners wear uniforms and are coordinated by a team leader on bigger jobs. Our industrial cleaners bring all the cleaning products that they need to do the work and this is included in the fee you pay although we are happy to work with your own cleaning implements if you would prefer us to. Call us on 020 3743 9100 to find out more about this.

business cleanersWe can assist you with more intense commercial cleaning tasks such as carpet cleaning or vinyl floor polishing and we have the machinery and solutions to tackle stains, marks and blemishes that won’t come out when conventional cleaning methods are used. Our cleaners are very committed and don’t give up easily which is why we boast such a high success rate for upholstery cleaning and floor polishing work.

Lola Cleaners works a very flexible week to enable companies to appoint our office cleaners at a time that suits them. We also offer you the chance to set your own cleaning programme if there are specific items you would like our office cleaners to attend to – call 020 3743 9100 to provide us with details of this.