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The best after party cleaning services in your area

after renovation clean upCleaning is always a necessary consequence of a large party and if your premises are in need of some tender love and care, and some serious clearing up, you don’t need to don the overalls and the latex gloves – Lola Cleaners will deal with it all for you. We are a fast responding, thorough and efficient cleaning agency offering an after party cleaning service to any household or office that needs help dealing with stained carpets, messy kitchens, overused bathroom areas or the general tidying up of the lounge, hallway or conservatory.

If you contact us on 020 3743 9100 and give us an idea of the size of the job we’ll make sure that you get the cleaners and the expertise you need to deal with the damage. Our cleaning company can handle it all because we have a full range of cleaning experts able to deal with any aspect of home cleaning or office cleaning whatsoever. When it comes to after party cleaning this is an important factor when choosing the right event cleaning company – there are for instance, cleaning agencies who are very capable of cleaning kitchens but not so good at carpet cleaning, and it’s essential to have every box ticked.

At many parties, there will be a wine spillage at best and the aftermath of a food fight at worst. Whilst extreme mess and dirt is not common, we are prepared to deal with it and we have cleaners and products capable of eradicating any level of mess including stains from sauce on carpets, sticky drinks and food from vinyl or wooden floors, messy bathrooms and kitchens that have cooked more than they can cope with!

Our cleaning company can bring bleach and disinfectant to your home to get sticky or unpleasant stains out of furniture, floors and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. We are able to clean the messiest of rooms to a very high standard and we can do it all without breaking sweat thanks to the effective cleaning measures and techniques we use. Our company also provides carpet cleaning to those who need help removing stains. Our after party cleaners have enzyme cleaning products, deep heat cleaners and drying machines that can be used to deal with carpets stained after a party. If you call us on 020 3743 9100 we’ll be able to bring whatever we need to deal with the event cleaning problem you have.

after birthday cleaningWe don’t limit our services just to home owners – landlords and tenants have been known to book our post party cleaning team to deal with the aftermath of house parties, and businesses hosting office gatherings in their conference rooms can also book our after party cleaners to deal with the clean up exercise. We have cleaners available outside work hours which enables us to come to you the following morning very early on, or even later that night. We can also send carpet cleaners and sofa cleaners for one off cleaning tasks that need doing urgently and we have floor cleaning specialists able to deal with stains and severely impacted floors in your premises.

Lola Cleaners strives to achieve the highest standards for all customers using the after party cleaners we provide and for that reason we employ the fastest and most thorough cleaners who really have an eye for detail and a strong work ethic. We are the perfect candidates for after party cleaning services and the low cleaning prices we are able to offer makes us the most sought after cleaning company around. If you would like a free quote feel free to call us on 020 3743 9100.