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school desks cleaningLola Cleaners offers a fantastic and very intensive service when it comes to school cleaning and our cleaners are cherry picked from the very finest and most highly trained cleaning experts in the area. If you wish to know more about our cleaning team and the hours we offer call us today on 020 3743 9100. We are the most dynamic and all-encompassing cleaning service in the region and we offer schools a very reliable and thorough standard of cleaning which can help you teach in an environment that is fresh, tidy and very well cared for.

Schools must be very clean to meet health and safety requirements and to keep the environment in which you are teaching nice and pleasant. There is a lot we can do to bring that about and our cleaners are able to clean any and every aspect of a school to a very high standard, ensuring that every single room in the school is spotless and free from dirt, spilled food, or waste. If you call our cleaning company on 020 3743 9100 we can give you details of all the cleaning skills, products and techniques we can offer to make your school environment as clean as possible.

Cleaning in schools involves many different tasks ranging from bathroom cleaning to dusting and vacuuming classrooms to polishing dinner hall floors and cleaning the kitchens. Our cleaners are fully aware of the high standards that school cleaners must reach in order to maintain a healthy environment, and we clean so thoroughly that there can be no doubt that your school environment will be perfectly ready for the new day. Our cleaning techniques are as intense as you could hope for and we use products which are very powerful but not a risk to human skin.

Included in the cost of our school cleaning services is the provision of cleaning products and materials and we bring everything we might need to clean your school from top to bottom. Of course, there will be cloths, sponges, dust polish, hoovers and window cleaning solution, but we also have deep heat cleaners, vinyl polish and enzyme solutions which enables us to deal with more intense and complicated cleaning services. We can clean hard wood floors and clean stains from carpets in case of accidents or spilled ink, and to get rid of the discolouring and depressions from heavy footfall.

Our kitchen cleaning service is particularly thorough as we know that contamination in a school kitchen is a risk too serious to ignore. The cleaners we employ deal with very effective materials and products to bring about heavy duty oven cleaning and to make sure that any food preparation surface is spotless with no risk of germs spreading. Our bathroom cleaners are also trained to work to a high standard and to achieve immaculate toilets, sinks and hand dryers. Every aspect of our school cleaning is well worth the investment you make and if you call us on 020 3743 9100 we will be able to give you a quote for our cleaning service free of charge.

school cleaning servicesLola Cleaners is the most flexible cleaning company with staff available at any hour on any day to deal with the school clean you need. We can send you a number of cleaners able to deal with school cleaning of any magnitude and our cleaners work flexible shifts to enable you to bring us in outside school hours which means that we won’t get in anybody’s way. Our cleaning service is one of the very best in the region and you can book us today by calling 020 3743 9100.